Bredafonn By Arith Härger - Vikingwidunder

Breðafönn – By: Arith Härger

Breðafönn – Watercolor 12×9

The old Norse word literally means “snowdrift” or “glacier”.
To the Norse, there were two distinct ways to kill, manslaughter and murder. After the act of killing someone, if the killer publicly announced the deed it was considered manslaughter. If there was no announcement or if the kill was meant to remain unknown or performed in stealth, it was murder.
Snowdrifts hid many things, even something that wasn’t meant to be found, so I wanted to make a drawing of that, of a short episode of Skadi, Sigi and Bredi in the “The Saga of the Volsungs”. This episode may have been based on an older myth involving the goddess Skaði.

For the first time, I used the traditional watercolor paper from St Cuthberts Mill. I can honestly say that this paper is absolutely amazing and it isn’t that expensive. Worth every penny and for those who love to work with watercolor, this is a “must have” type of paper.

I really like how this one turned out. I don’t usually go “full” watercolour in a work, but this time I wanted to use only watercolour to try this new type of paper.


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