Ugla Skyrta - Owl Coat

Ugla Skyrta – Owl Coat – By: Arith Härger

Owl Coat – Ugla Skyrta


Acrylic on Canvas 30×40

The Shaman’s coat is the shield. Taking the form of a bird, the coat slowly begins to take another shape and feathers appear. As in winter the coat warms the body, so will the feathers do the same to the spirit.

An easy painting which took me less than 2 hours to make. It is certainly different from the paintings I’m used to create, but I never gave much credit to this one. However, at my last exhibition this was the most liked and wanted painting and actually the first to be sold. I’ve made a big exhibition with 25 of my paintings, but people were particularly attracted by this one. I will never understand what people really like in my works, they usualy choose the one I dislike the most. Well, this one was sold 2 hours after the inauguration of the exhibition, and people wanted it so much that I had to make 2 more owls similar to this one, so I could sell to others who asked me for this job. It was a great exhibition, a wonderful experience and I got a lot of support. I will always remember that day. This one painting was indeed the “star” of the exhibition… most unexpected.

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