Working With The Gods : Idunn

Who is Idunn / Iduna?
Idunn is one of the Asgard deities, a goddess who is seen most of the time as a youthful and beautiful maiden, and hard-working. She is the goddess who takes care of the orchard of Asgard, she takes care of all the fruits for the Aesir gods, and of course, including those very special golden apples so familiar to all of those who know the myths, the golden apples that give eternal health, youth and immortality to the gods.
Idunn/Iduna is a goddess of health and rejuvenation. As a hard-working deity, she believes taht physical labor, is one of the best things you can do for your health, especially working the earth.
This goddess teach us, that the best thing for our health, is to have the proper nourishment. She belongs  to the group of the agriculture and healthy food gods, she is the only such deity who is one of the Aesir.
She is married to Bragi, the norse god of Poetry, and like her husband, she is a peacemaker rather than an affiliate of war.
Idunn can be called when there are any health problems, to get back in shape, over food issues, eating healthy food instead of the so called fast food/ junk food, and as it is expected, to bless those who possess orchard or any other fruit trees.

To honor this goddess, you can make offerings of cider and various fruits, as well as herbs. Taking care of trees, working in gardening, it doesn’t have to be your job, but an hobby, taking care of the earth is a great way to honor her and other agricultural gods, as well the landvaettir ( the spirits of the earth ) and a great way to do a regular exercise which is good for your health. Making your own garden, planting and harvesting. eating more fruits and vegetables, without the overuse of pesticides that takes away the very health of what you plant and it takes away yours as well.


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