Sound Therapy

Well friends, for those who have read the lable about the natural therapies and things you might do to help you out, your state of mind, or putting a depression to an end, you might consider this an other helpful way to achieve relaxation.
The sound therapy, as the name indicates, is all about the sounds you like the most, those sounds that give you a cosy feeling. Some people like the sound of rain and thunder, snow storms, or forests, birds singing, other like the sound of the city life, the cars and the movement of the people in the streets, or the far off sounds on the highway. So first of all, you have to find the sound or sounds that you like the most, the sounds that put you in a relaxation “mode” or gives you sleepiness, because it is all about the your psychological state. For instance, at the time of the year when the high summer comes, it is difficult to get some sleep, because it is too hot, so you might want to hear the sounds of winter, strong wind, snow storms, thunder and rain etc. if you try to sleep with these sounds on, you just have to imagine that you are in that place, and your mind transports you into a place, where you will no longer feel the heat of summer, and you will fall asleep with cold and you might want to get a blanket, or vs versa, at the winter time it is too cold, you can listen to the sound of a fire place and the wood burning and cracking, and in your mind, just imagine you are in that place, and it will be so out in your body, that in plane winter, you will not need to warm yourself with clothes or anything ( of course i’m talking to those that don’t have a real fireplace at home ). These are just some exemples, of how your brain works, and the power of your mind, this is also a training, you can do these kind of everyday when going to sleep, and your body will be so used to this kind of psycological training, that when you are awake, you will not have any difficulty to endure anykind of weather, because your mind is so used to this, that you can travel in a daydream and relax. 
Nowadays this kind of psycological training is very useful, the world is changing and the weather is not what it used to be, in some countries, there is just summer, and winter is just a passing shadow of its former self, the summers will get hotter and the winters cold, or people that were used to have a cool summer, or a mild climate at spring, will find these changes, very hard to endure.
You can find the sounds you like all over the internet, or you can record them yourself, or find them in a game, or something, that isn’t hard.

Be strong of mind, and train your capability to transport your mind into a place that you like, when you aren’t feeling well in the place you currently are. 


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