Advices And Ethics In Shamanism

In today’s society, we are all used to hear about the ten commandments of the religions of abrahamic based beliefs, when Moses came down the hill telling about them to everyone.

Well in cultures much older then these tales, in times when there was no religion, when people had the same spiritual path, the shamanism, things were diferent, and i might say, better. There wasn’t such things as commandments, rules, forced obligations and fear that the believers have if they dont keep in line, because the ten commandments only tell of what each person can’t do, but it doesn’t talk about what we must do as individuals, nor what we can do for others and for the community, for the world, how we can make this world a better place, its always about saving the soul and gives that prespective, that nothing else matters, only ourselves, to save our neck and have eternal and beautiful life in an other place, that is a bit unfair and selfish dont you think? Because we share our lifes and this world with others, not just humans but also plants and animals. So what i will talk about, is the Advices and Ethics in Shamanism, in a time long before the religions appeared, in old times, even older than the pagan religions.

In shamanism in of every culture, expecially in the American Indians’ culture and in the Northern peoples of Europe throughout Scandinavia till the cold lands of Siberia, there are somethings you may follow to become a better person, things you learn, advices you should take, for a better conduct in this world. It is belived, in shamanism, that humanity doesn’t have the need to be forced to do something or belive in a oppressive entity, there is no need to mistreat people in order to instill goodness in each person. Also in shamanism, there is a relevance to the personal inner growth of each individual, that is a living being that has a unique personality and a mind of his own, with his own thoughts, also he must respect others and mother nature which is part of our existence.

The advices are:

Praying to the gods and spirits, they are always listening and always eager to help those in need and those with an open heart and mind, open enough to have the sensibility to become a better individual by learning and teaching the following Advices:

Being tolerant to those who have not figured out which way to go and what path to take, because ignorance, conceit, anger, greed, jealousy, are the typical evidence of those who are lost, so we must pray for them, so they may find their way soon. We must try to find out who we are, by ourselves, not by what others may think we are, no one can choose our path, its up to us to make our own road, other may walk beside us, but no one can walk for us. Treat your guests in your house, with honor, give them your best food and your best bed and respect them, also never take with you what it isn’t yours to take, whatever taht may be, if it wasn’t given to you, it isn’t yours by right. Respect all things in this earth, people, animals, plants, respect the thoughts amd wishes of others, never interrupt or mock another when he is talking, you will have your time to talk, allow each person to have their right to express themselves, dont talk ill of others, bad thoughts gives sickness of mind, be optimistic.
Nature isn’t something just for us or our pessonal needs, nature is a part of us, never forget that the children are the seeds of our future, and we must irrigate and nourish them with wisdom, puting love in their hearts. Always be truthful and honest in every situation, honesty is always a test to those who want to belive in our words, keep balanced, be strong and healthy, strong and healthy of mind, body and spirit, be true and faithful to yourselve, if you can’t do that, you can’t help others, respect other’s religious believes, dont force your believes into others, if they want to learn, they will come to you.

As you can see, this was the advices in the ancient cultures of shamanism, long before a time when the oppressive religions came, with thoughts completely different, only turned to a selfish thought.


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