FAQ – Where Does Your Knowledge About The Northern Traditional Paganism Comes From? Is It Reliable?

Where does your knowledge about the Northern Traditional paganism Comes from?

My knowledge about the subjects i write at this blog comes from the hard study into mythological themes and Folklore, also it comes from the Lore written by the old people of the Northern countries. I also work very closely with shamans who practice these olf ways and they have much knowledge to share all the time.
It is important to exchange knowledge with others, speaking with them in debates, so that is also where my knowledge comes from, we are always teaching and learning with each other.

 Is it reliable?

Well, i’m not here to convince you of anything, nor it would be right if i thought that everybody would belive in the things i write. This blog is for those who are interested in these kinds of themes and subjects, for those who want to follow and learn from the northern old ways and traditional paganism. This is knowledge for all, but only few will get it or will be able to learn and practice. I’m certain that lots of people will not get this or will not believe, everyone is free to believe in what they will. I’m not trying to push anyone into this. So the information i write can be reliable for those who believe and are open minded to do so, i do not expect everyone to understand this, because not all are able to experience the things i and others have.


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