FAQ – Can I Use Your Artistic Works?

Can i Use your artistic works?

This question is often asked, and first of all, these are the links you can find my works:



If in any case you want to use my works, please first like my facebook page or if you have a deviantart, make a watch at my profille.

When you want to use one of my works for an illustration online or something else in the network world, you ask me first. All i want is that you mention me at the place you put my work, with my name ( Arith Härger ) or with my nick name ( VikingWidunder ) with a link to my profille page, and i ask that you send me the link of the place so i can see how it looks and if everything is right.

I am not selling my artistic works at the moment.

I ask you to respect my wishes on this, and that you give the proper indications when you use my works, and all will be well. My works are under copyright.

Any more question about this subject, feel free to ask.

Thank you!


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