Legendary Shamans

Legendary Shamans
(It’s gona be Legen… wait for it… dary!)
In European cultures there are many myths of shamans and shamanic adventures. Ceridwen was a great Celtic Shaman who brewed a magic potion to confer infinite knowledge on her son. However, it was inadvertently tasted by her kitchen boy, who thus acquired all her wisdom. During a shapeshifting chase to catch him, she became a hen and he a grain of corn.
Ceridwen are the corn and became pregnant with the Celtic bard, Taliesin.
In the Arthurian legends Merlin possessed divinatiry powers and could shapshift, commune with animals and spirits and travel to the otherworlds.
Odin, the chief god of the Aesir in the Scandinavian Pantheon, was another famous shaman. He gave up one of his eyes in return for a drink from the well of mimir, the water of which was the source of all wisdom. He also sacrificed hilself on the world tree to learn the wisdom of the dead, bringing back runes from the underworld.

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