Divination With Runes: Odin’s Rune Method

This type of divination is the simplest of all runic readings. It involves quietening the mind, allowing a passive mental state to occur and then choosing one rune to answer a specific question, or, if used daily, to provite a subject for meditation.

You could also choose a rune before going to bed to reveal what the events of the day meant for you. However, there are considerations to be aware of when using this method: remember that the runes are never flippant and a single rune may highlight a particular issue whithout revealing either the answer to a question ot the outcome. If you are a novice rune reader Odin’s rune method as the background to a more general reading rather than as a reading in itself.


The rune drawn was Tiwaz, showing that a firm conviction that the enquirer is doing the right thing, acting with honourable intentions and being ready to play fair in all dealings is the only sure way to win success. Legal decisions will also tend to favour the enquirer.

You can check in the lable called “Runes” to have all the information of all the runes for your readings and devination.


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