I’ve just created an Ask.fm

Dear friends and followers of this blog, I’ve just created an Ask.fm

I’m not really familiar with it, yet, but I will get the hang of it. I do get a lot of questions, especially at my facebook page, so I decided to creat an Ask.fm to concentrate all the questions in one place. There are many questions that I receive about the same subjects, it seems there are a lot of people with the same doubts and the same interests, seeking for an answer, seeking knowledge that I might provide. So the Ask.fm is actually a good thing because you can ask me whatever you want even in anonymous, and people seeking the same answers from my part, might take a look. It’s a kind of shared information and I am the one who provides de answers, kind of wierd but also very funny. So.. if you want to ask me anything, just go to –> http://ask.fm/ArithHarger

Farewell friends and take care!

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