Mankind Of Today Versus Nature

Our biggest problem is, that we have become too “civilized” to believe that the earth is aliveWe live in alifestyle that is totally civilized, or rather, too rooted in the city life and its ways. We believe that the greatmetropolis and cities are the natural and perfect sites to be, live and workFor our culture, thecountryside is a kind of urban spacea mere mixture of beautiful landscapes and areas where you do the production of food for our citieswhich is now much improved thanks to the resources of science,technology and modern economyThe countryside is a place to run away from the bustle of the citywhenever we want, for a car ride, to have a comfortable and modern home to spend the weekends.Except for some problems that no doubt will be resolved shortly by the steady progress of science andtechnology, our world and how we see it is safenature is tamedand does what we sent it to do.We live on the order and laws of the city and the power it has over us all.

But despite all the power this image of order has, it is only just thatan image. Because this imagelives under the forces of naturethe religious beliefs of rural peoplepagan beliefsno matter whateffort we make to try to deny it. And these are more or less subtle forces of nature, pagan cultures were based on the acceptance of those forces, and our civilization is based on an artificial separation of human beings from the relation to naturebased on the belief that we can be “above“, or beyond  these forces and control them to suit our whims.

We may think we have everything, but the level of poverty of our modern civilization, is incredibly high.The wealth of quality of life, dignity and the great wisdom of the pagan culturesare conspicuously absent from our livesDespite centuries and centuries of lowering these people and despising them,the pagans still have much to teach us about living with the reality of the forces of nature.


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