Going under the cloak

There are many processes that lead to spiritual work or just relaxation of the mind. This one is such a process, and I would like to share it with you, for it is very simple, but requires a lot of mind control. It is easier if you already know the basic steps of meditation.


As the title suggests, this is literally going under the cloak or a blanket, basically any piece of cloth that you can use to cover you whole. This process of relaxation can be done in short periods of time or long ones, depending on how further you want your mind to go, to delve into a different state of mind.

Do this exercise, get yourself a blanket, lie underneath it and you may or may not use an heavy object such as a rock, to help you in the process of freeing your mind. I’m speaking of rocks because the Druids used to do such things, placing a rock on the chest in order to depress the breathing to alter the state of mind. The heavy object can’t be too heavy, or it will end up hurting you, o you will be very uncomfortable, but nether can it be too soft, or you will end up sleeping.


Pay attention, this process must not be performed by people inexperienced, even those used to alter their state of mind with such processes, must be accompanied by a crew able to monitor the pulse and breathing of the person.


The objective of being under a cloak, is to experience a different type of being all by yourself, as if in a cocoon or the “return” to the womb. Peaceful and quiet. Even if you choose to be by yourself in a room, with windows closed, in total darkness, there is always light in the room, light always finds a way to get in, so if you do this process, but under a cloak, you will experience a new kind of darkness, after a while, you will not even realize where you are.

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