Midsummerblót – 21st To 26th Of June

The Midsummerblót is a Northen European Pagan Tradition, that was held at the same time of the pagan festival of Litha. This festivity was not just to celebrate the coming of the sun and brighter days, it was not just the time to start reaping the crops, it was the time to honor the fire and the nordic sun goddess called Sunna or Sól, although some say that Sól is the mother of Sunna.

For the Northen people, the coming of the sun and warmer days was also the coming of happiness and hope, for in Northen Europe, the winter is longer and colder, and surviving it was a trial of courage and strength, was the prove of hard work through the year, storing food for this great winter battle of Men vs Nature, under the snow, traped at home, with fire the only ally to keep them warm and alive.

At the Midsummerblót, is also important to honour the landvaettir, the spirits of the land, they could be spirits that take care of the crops, take care of the soil, and help mortals in the crop fields, helping establish order and harmony in the land, making the fruits grow, or they could be the ancestors of someone whose land belonged to, and was still there to ensure the survival of the family and their descendants, giving them the opportunity to have a rich and fertile soil.

The fire has always fascinated men, and this element has always been in the celebrations through the year, whether a fire, a candle or just symbolically.

A curious thing is, that the Northern Goddess of the sun was called Sunna or Sól. and the English name for the sun comes from Sunna, and the Nordic names for the Sun, such in Norway and Sweden, are Sol, even in Portugal and Spain, the name for the Astro King is also Sol.. and then again it may not be so curious at all, for the Sun and the fire has always been the most worshiped element in the world, so it is obvious, that the same names were much known for the Europeans.

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