The Art Of Reading The Runes

The runes of the Elder Futhark can be read in many ways.
Many people prefer to draw a single rune to provide a complete reading in itself. Others literally cast the runes onto a plain, white cloth and allow their intuition to guide them. There is also a more formal technique in which the runes are arranged in various meaningful patterns ( these arrangements are correctly known as “shoats”).

How to Begin

It doesn’t really matter whether you are reading the runes for yourself or for someone else, because the mental process for the rune reader remains the same in either case. Take a few deep breaths to help you to calm your system and clear any extraneous thoughts from your mind. Allow yourself to drift into a passive mental state as you play with the runes to mix them. If you keep your runes in a bag, then at this point you should be shaking the bag to make sure that they are randomly jumped together. If you use rune staves, then you can simply hold them in your hand at this point.

When you are content that you are in a receptive frame of mind and that the runes are well mixed, you may then either cast them or pick some out and lay them in one of the set patterns. If you are rune-reading for someone else, he or she will have to mix the runes together thoroughly before you do this. If you have, or the person you are reading for has, a specific question, this query should be thought about while the runes are being mixed. It may be helpful to ask this question out loud just as the runes are laid down, but this is not strictly necessary if privacy is an issue.

Note: Remember and keep in mind , you can make your own runes, with stones or pieces of wood. Dont buy runes made out of plastic, those have no power, nor any connection with nature, so those will not work. Plastic runes are hollow, they havent been part of nature in any time, so the powers of nature were not absorbed by the plastic runes, but the wooden runes or stone runes have.

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