Friggablót – 20th May

At the 20th of May, there is a celebration held by the Norse pagan folk and those who follow that path, called Friggablót. As the name suggests, this is a celebration in honor to the goddess Frigga and to better understand this celebration, we must frist be familiarised with this goddess and in what kind of ways she works.

Who is the Goddess Frigga?

Frigga or Frigg, is the wife of the god Odin, and queen of Asgard, also the mother of the god Badlr. She is also a goddess of fertility, but her powers go beyond that, she is the goddess of motherhood and protection, of love and of home, domestic affairs and ease of transition ( dying ) and the goddess of the family. It is said taht she can predict the future and from where she stands, she knows all about everything that goes on in the universe, she is often called the Silent Goddess for she does not speak of what she knows.

Frigga uses her spinning wheel to weave the clouds, and this shows her works in terms of weather, and the coming of seasons, the constant changes on earth and in nature, in order to have balance and prosperity.

In what ways does this goddess works?

At this blót, this goddess is honored in order to receive her protective powers at our homes, because each home is the defencive castle of each family, is the place where we can find peace and joy with our families, our folk, our ancestors. She is the protecter of our children, and nowadays we are all in need of this goddess, because the society and the political order are doing the best to destroy our homes and families and the goods energies taht we all should feel at home. Its like the neverending fight against the forces of chaos with the forces of balance and harmony.

If there isn’t balance at home, we shall never find peace in it, and if we don’t, there is no other place to search for peace if first we dont find peace in our ourselves, and the family helps with that, the good cosy places of harmony indoors, going outside, with so much stress, and turmoil, the constant pollution and the awful sounds of the city life, the only place where you are eager to go and get some rest, is at home, your hideout, your confort place, to run away from the conflicts outside.

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