Swastika – The Shamanic Symbol

Many people have asked me why i use some times the Swastika symbol in my artistic works, so i have decided to explain that in here, at my blog and in fact it is a good subject for the theme of my blog.

Most of people are afraid of this symbol because of its dark background in the history of humankind in the time of Nazism, and yes, it was a terrible time indeed, but this symbol was not created with the purpose of spreading terror, oppression, fascism or racism.

This symbol has in fact, accompanied all kinds of people through the history of humankind, and to be more precise, this symbol has been found in caves since the neolithic period.

Some of you may be familiar with this symbol has a symbol of the induism religion in India, but as i have told back there, this symbol remotes to older times, it was used by the romans and by the greeks and before that, was used by the neolithic people and it differs its meaning from culture to culture. But its main symbolism is the sun and its power.

Long before religions had been created, the Swastika was one of the many Shamanic symbols used by the shamans, a symbol to “describe” the sun and the power it has over the entire natural world. It is also a symbol of the four cardinal points and it is also a symbol for the four forces of nature, the Sun, the Wind, the Water and the Earth.

When we talk about shamans, we often think about the Shamans of Siberia, but this profession, is not only practiced in Siberia, it had been and still is practiced throughout the world. This symbol was used by the Sami people in the North of Europe in Scandinavia, by the Germanic peoples such as the Celts, Swabians, Vikings, Saxons and Anglo-Saxons, also by the mediterranian people all the way from Portugal to Greece, the Lusitanians, the Romans, the Greeks, and all the way to the slavic people in Russia, Poland, Romania, Ukrain etc. to the South and North Americas and to Asia.

This symbol was passed down by all, even from Siberia to the Native people of Alaska and then to the Native Indians of America, the Navajo people etc. etc.

So this symbol has always been important to the human race, for at least 30.000 B.C. , of course the symbol and its meaning is diferent from place to place even to the Sami people, which represents the God of Thunder, Old Thor, this is an exemple, but its main meaning was the Sun and the powers of the Natural World.

2 responses to “Swastika – The Shamanic Symbol


    this swastica version you are presenting here in fact is the nazi version of it. In my country the state would sue you for this provokation. When I read your words i am not shure if you intention is just provokation or propaganda. Couldn’t you have just used another version of it? At least one which turns ino the other direction. There are many nicer versions in the web. This black bad and fat one on your web page is burned for ever. To much blood, suffer and heartlessness stics to it. Bad associations are too strong now. So its power within the unconcious of mankind has been changed with worldwar forever. Whether we like this or not. It might have been a kind of bad magic which did this. This is the result now: For white magic this version is lost. I unterstand the intention – your wish to rehabilitate it. Because it is very strong. But you will not succeed with this attempt turning it white again. The force which stole it from us is stronger than you or me. It might just be a wish of your brain to change this. Please turn of your head, ask your heart and acept to loss. Please do not use it for meditation or other attempts of shamanic healing stuff. Don’t poissen others with it just because of sentimental or romantic reasons. This is a serious thing. It works like the ring of sauron.
    Thanks anyway for reading. Tom (Germany)

    • Thank you for the feedback Mr. Tom. Don’t worry, I do not use it for anything, it was merely to catch the attention of the people. One sees this symbol and automatically associate it with evil, and by doing so, people come and read the post and understand the history behind it. This post was merely to speak of the history behind such a symbol and not to promote old hatreds.

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