Jotunheim Part III

Continuing with the posts about Jotunheim, I star this one with Gastropnir, not so well known by those who practice/follow/study the Norse cosmology, because most of the time, Jotunheim is left aside and the major concern is with Asgard and Vanaheim only.

Glastropnir is the “castle” of Mengloth, the most known healing deity of Jotunheim. The dwelling lies in the westernmost part of Jotunheim, only a few miles to the shore where the Vanaheim ocean meets Jotunheim on top of a mountain. It lies on the top of the tallest mountain of the western mountain chain as I have written in the privious post.

It is rather hard to follow the poorly carved road on the rocks that leads to the “castle” and that might be on purpose, because to get here one have to rely on his/her own determination. Once at the top, it is said that the castle gates are enormous and made of Iron and guarded by two hounds called Gif and Geri.

The gatekeeper is called Fjolsvid. As I have said, the journey here is perilous and climbing to get to the home of Mengloth is even worse. Even so, many are those who seek her, for she is the best healer in all of Jotunheim, and possibly of all the Nine worlds, if it wasn’t so, those who seek healing, would seek somewhere else safer and easier to get. Even Eir, the healer of Asgard, seeks Mengloth’s wisdom.

Oddly enough, Mengloth is married with a mortal man called Svipdag. 

Like most deities or spirits of a great importance, Mengloth also has handmaidens, they are so named, Hlifthrasa, Thjodvara, Bjort, Bleik, Blid and Frid.


I have not mention it before, but as I have written on the previous post about Utgard and the ruler of it (Utgardens-Loki) you might had the impression that he is the ruler of all Jotunheim, the King. It isn’t true and that is why I left this part to this post. To the northeastern mountain chain, there lies Thrymheim, the royal court of the folk of Jotunheim. The king lives here, and he is called Thrym. All of Jotunheim might be divided into many tribes and each one has a chieftain, and after the conflicts between tribes, Angreboda became the chief of all tribes, Jotunheim still has a King.

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