Jotunheim Part II

There are a few cities and villages in Jotunheim, that one might reach following the roads, although these might be dangerous, it is better to wander off of them. The most famous city of Jotunheim, is Utgard, the single biggest Jotun settlement in all the Nine realms, and not at all safe. However, there is a lot of trading in it. The main area of Utgard is surrounded by a great stone wall. Once through the gates, the narrow, crowded, noisy roads slope upwards to the highest central point, where Utgardens-Loki keeps his hall. There are also many settlements outside this wall. Inside, Utgard is crowded with markets where almost anything produced in the Nine Worlds can be bought. There are a lot of taverns, inns, and such. There are yards where people can play competitive games with each other.

The lord of Utgard is Utgard-Loki, a name he took to distinguish himself from Laufey’s son (The god Loki). He is both warrior and sorcerer, and is a brilliant, canny leader who invokes deep respect from his people. He is known to be generous to visitors if he wants to impress them, he is a faultless and courteous host.


The Guard of Utgard is an elite body with a great reputation. Unlike most other Jotun warriors, they are actually drilled and trained with a great deal of precision. They patrol the roads outside of the city and keeping the trade routes safe for merchants. They also patrol the city itself. Like all Jotun warrior bands, the Guard has both male and female soldiers, including some warrior-couples who are shieldmates. Suffice to say, Utgard isn’t a safe place, unless one is often alongside the Guards.


Probably one of the most famous places in all of Jotunheim is Mímisbrunnr, or mostly known as Mimir’s well. The well lies inside a great cave and it is filled with skulls, probably offerings to Mimir.

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