Vanaheim Part III

In this part, I will continue writing about the places of interest in Vanaheim. Starting with Freyja’s Hall.

Such as her brother, Freyja also has two Halls. Her most famous Hall is Sessrumnir in Asgard. But her Hall in Vanaheim people will find often four of her eight sisters (Njörd, her father, has other children with other women aside from Nerthus).

The eldest of her eight sisters is Eir, she is Frigga’s handmaiden in Asgard, and she is also a goddess of healing. Her hall in Vanaheim is simply referred to as Freyja’s Home. It seems that Freyja’s hall in Vanaheim is where the female children of Njörd come together, at least some of them.

Such as I have written in the previous post about Vanaheim, Freyja is also a hostage ,like her brother, for the continued peace between the two tribes of deities, the Aesir and the Vanir. Freyja is also allowed to come home, but only when her father and brother are absent.

I have been writing about Njörd’s family leaving behind his own father, Frodi, an etin linked to the night. He lives in Vanaheim in a small wooden Hall surrounded by orchards.

The goddess of vegetation and also linked to the sea, Nehallenia, also has a Hall in Vanaheim near the ocean at the same coast line as Njörd’s hall is.

Something very interesting came across a few spirit-workers, the fact that the Germanic goddess Holda also has a home in Vanaheim, apart from the one she already has and was known to all, but few knew that she also spent some time in Vanaheim. There it lies in the middle of vast fields of beautiful flowers, her cottage.


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