Bealtaine – The May Celebration

Bealtaine is the Irish/Gaelic name for “May”, its meaning is “Bel-Fire”, and it reminds us of the bonfires in honor of the god Bel, or as the mediteranians call him, Belenus. There are some associations that link Bel to the god Cernunnos, the horned god.

Bel is the god of light and fire.

In this time of this celebrations, the agricultural calendars have no activity whatsoever, so this time isdominated by the fruitfulness of the trees that are revered in parties of communion with nature.
These calendars also attach a significant meaning to love and freedom.

Bealtaine is the polar festival of Samhain, a special day when time and space vanish and new rules forinversion and regression are open for the evolution of the human soul. The dead and the living contactagain, but this time under the rules of unconditional love. It is a festival that celebrates the ripening of the Sun God.

This is also a time to be connected and in line with the upper and lower worlds, and just as the Samhain, this is a night when the veil between the worlds is thinner and a gap opens, allowing the living to contact with the dead and have an experience like no other.


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