Another world/realm of the Norse cosmology is Ljossalfheim, or most commonly known as Alfheim. It is located next to Asgard to the West and Southwest. This continent is known to be one of the faery realms. There have been reports from the people who do spiritual work in the many European religions, that this realm also contains other realms of the faery folk. However, it is not clear where the boundaries of each realm withing this continent are, nor is it possible to see the difference between the geography of one with another, perhaps they are all conected, but still, there are many differences between the faery folk and elven folk of the different realms. But lets keep with the realm of the Norse cosmology and its elven folk.


It seems that this realm is the one easier to travel to, if you have read and know about the Celtic tales for example, it is filled with stories about this realm, how people enter it and dwell there for a time, but when they return, unfortunately their visit to this realm has disastrous results and everything back home changes.


There aren’t reports that tell us specifically how time flows in this realm, the seasons and the weather itself. It seems that in Ljossalfheim, all of these natural factors randomly change. This is a world/realm filled with magic, and everything goes acording to what the inhabitants want. So uncertain is the weather and the seasons, that in some places it might be summer and in others winter. It seems that each area of this realm has its own season, a different cycle.


It is easy for one to be lost in here, the very earth is constantly changing, not major changes, but enough to get lost and everything around seems a different place. These are the reports of the people who can travel there, it isn’t something that is done often, so that is why everything seems different everytime some one returns to this realm.


There are many villages in Ljossalfheim and thousands of houses for its inhabitants. It isn’t clear how the elven folk got there, because we do know that they are not native to this land unlike many other races I have spoken about here. From whatever land they came, the Aesir gave them Ljossalfheim to be their new homeland.

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