Ljossalfheim 2nd Part

Continuing with Ljossalfheim, I will write in this 2nd part the places of great importance within this realm. I shall start with the Hall of Freyr.


Freyr is the Vanir deity of fertility, of both the earth and living creatures, the god of love, magic, light. He is the brother of Freyja and he is also the Lord of Ljossalfheim / Alfheim. Freyr may not be the ruler of Ljossalfheim, the different elven races may have others to rule over them, but it is Freyr that speaks for them in the council of the gods in Asgard.


Like I have written in the previous post, everything changes in this realm, but Freyr’s Hall is always in the same place, in fact the place itself doesn’t change much. His hall is great and it is the only hall of a deity that people might come in even if Freyr isn’t there. Visitors may enjoy the cosy atmosphere of Freyr’s hall, be fed and rest, as long as no one breaks any rule of hospitality.


The realm of the elves may be wonderful and of such beauty that is seldom seen in any other realm, but it’s lands have a bloody history. The elven folk fought against each other at some time, which ended up with two groups being split. One of the groups was forced to abandon Ljossalfheim and went south to live in the realm of the Duergar (Dwarves), there elves are so known as the Dark Alfar or Dokkalfar that live in Svartalfheim.

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