Eostre – Goddess Of Fertility

In the mythologically traditions of the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon peoples, the goddess Eostre represents the forces/the powers of rebirth and fertility of the earth. Her celebrations, Ostara, gave birth to the origins of the Christian celebrations of Easter. It is interesting to note that the date of Easterchanges every year, unlike most of the other christian celebration, being calculated “in a pagan way” -as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Thus it hasinto account a solarprinciple (equinox), and a beginning of the moon  ( fullmoon) and a ground/earth principle(Spring).This triad is then a direct equivalence to a generator principle in which there are two polaritiesthat are necessary (man – Sun and woman – moon), to be created the necessary conditions for the birth of a third element (Child – Earth).

The tradition of the “Easter Bunny” has ancient origins, because this animal – that perfectly embodiesthe principle of fecundity, reproducing in large numbers and speed – it was consecrated by Eostre long before the advent of Christianity, as were the eggs. t may be something strange at first sight, coupled with the symbol of the rabbit with the egg, because the rabbits are mammals and do not generateeggs.However, the presence of these two symbols will function to enhance the principle of generation,the egg representes the “primordial egg” – “feminine” polarity, nurturing and generative – where all life was created, acording to several ancient traditions of mankind, and the rabbit as a “masculine” principle – fertilizer.

Eostre has a Proto-Germanic root which means “to shine”, which leads this goddess as a link with the dawn. There is also a Proto-Indo-European connection, the words Ausos, with roots to the goddesses Usas ( Indian ), Eos ( Greek ) and Aurora ( Latin ).
Eostre symbolizes the fruitful and regenerative character resulting from the union between the sun and the earth.

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