Mythology Around Runes: Laguz


Although the seafaring races of the north worshipped some fearsome divinities who dwelt in the depths, they also looked to a more kindly god called Njord to lend them a helping hand. Njord was one of the elemental Vanir gods and the father of Frey and Freya/Freyja. Although he and his wife, Nerthus, are rather obscure figures that lack the wild glamour of such gods as Thor and Odin, they are credited with providing sustenance from the sea and also from the earth. Nerthus is more concerned with the abundance of crops, while Njord provided good fishing and fair weather for sailing. Because Njord was also married to Skadi, the goddess who lent her name to Scandinavia, this Gentle sea god can also be regarded as the deity of fjords, safe inlets and harbours.

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