“Ing was amongst the East-Danes first seen by men, till later he went over the wave; his wain followed after; the Headings named the hero so.”

“The Anglo-Saxons Rune Poem

This rune had not Scandinavian equivalent, although the Anglo-Saxons often contracted its name to Ing, which is also the name of the norse god of fertility.
This rune and its pronunciation in the common alphabet is the conjugation of two letters, “NG” as in “thing”.
Although Ing-Frey was a horse god, the main symbolic association of this rune deal with another totem beast of his, the boar. The cuckoo is its bird symbol, while laurels and apple trees, and the herbs rosemary and self-heal, are its correspondents in the vegatable kingdom. The shape of the rne suggests a doorway, and many rune masters consider Inguz to be a portal to the astral plane. In Germanic languages, names ending with the “ing” sound denote “son of” / the Saxon heir to the throne being called the “atheling” or “son of a king”).


Inguz is particularly concerned with the health, fertility and well-being of men. It often denotes fertility of mind, or the motivation and energy needed to start new projects. A new job is often indicated when this rune is drawn, but even if this does not occur, the potential remains for considerable change for the better.
Of course, for a new phase in life ti begin, it is necessary to finish old business and turn away from situations that are leading nowhere. Don’t worry that nothing will come to replace them: new and more productive opportunities will arrive. Inguz is also a rune of problem-solving, so if a complex matter has taken up your time and attention, its solution is not far away. Ignoring the problem for a while might help, because you may be so involved in its intricacies that you cannot see the bigger picture. When you return with fresh insight, the solution will be obvious. It may also be time that you took a holiday. Inguz often denotes that you should put your house in order, clear away any rubbish and focus your attention on the harmony of your surrondings. The implications of the rune go further: perhaps certain people are sapping your confidence and taking advantage of your good will. If so, these folk should no longer play a role in your life. You will need courage, foresight and wisdom to detect who, and what, you need around you and what is redundant.
Inguz may also have a bearing on inheritance, both the passing on of material goods though the generations and the continuance of the traditions and trails of forebears.

Body Part: Male genitals.
Associated Maladies: 
Male infertility. Erectile dysfunction. In a woman, lack of libido.
Wearing itself out to compensate for the failures of other parts.
Sacrifice. The part must go.

One response to “Inguz

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your youtube channel. One thing I have not read, seen, or found that I am curious about is the two different forms of Ingwaz that you come across. The one just in the shape of a square sitting on one of it’s points, the other is the one posted above.
    Any idea why there are two different forms of Ingwaz?

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