Princess Piki Part IV

Princess Piki Part IV



Upon arriving to the banks of the Lake Gladtló, where trees sink their feet in the deep waters, Niniär sat on the earthless ground made only out of roots that stretched far down below into the mirrored Lake. Sadness was a cruel companion, but she had her horse by her side and both rode northeast to meet the waterfalls of the river Urodum which fed the lake. As they went upwards, the lake was left behind in the valley. Wan the moon came, reflecting upon Niniär’s skin, and down below the waters of the lake were so clear that mirrored the sky in all its splendor, it was unclear which one was the real roof of the world. Swans flew over it and landed on the stars. The sound of the cascade falling down into the lake broke the silent night. The roaring waters fled from the mountains in such a hurry and devastating strength that Niniär and her horse had to hasten their pace due north to find a narrower space and built their path into the other side. The crossover wasn’t far off, it was where two rivers met and became one single earth’s vein. Attached to Urodum was one of the streams of the widest and largest rivers of Nárlond, the Telssian River. It was here where both met, that Niniär and her horse went through. The water was only a few inches above the waist. After arriving to the other side, the two companions followed the single stream of Urodum that ran southeast to disembogue in the great inland sea of Fhör. It was an hard journey of at least one hundred and sixty miles. They constantly stopped to rest and gather food, always southwards along the eastern side of the river, for its western side broke in two and passed too close to dangerous marshes shrouded in mist, as far as the eye could see. A four day’s journey to encounter the uncertain presence of anyone living near the coastal region of Fhör.


Niniär and her horse weren’t hindered during their journey towards the inland sea of Fhör. They had been blessed with bright days along their road, and the chirping of birds soften their mood. Deep and in secret, Niniär’s mind wandered, always doubtful and filled with uncertainty for what might be found at the road’s end. The continuous pace of the horse through grass and the sound it made, cradled Niniär, but she woke up from her daydreaming as the sound changed. The ground also had changed, it was rocky, filled with dust and a redish-brown soil. From the south, sweeping across the land, a salty fragrance and the sound of surf endlessly rolling upon the beaches. Only forty miles to gallop till they could set their feet in the northern cliffs of Fhör that stretched eastwards for at least seventy miles, then breaking and sinking in a vast woodland and rising once more for another fifty miles. Of such likeness were these, reminiscent of great walls made out of clay. The waves bashing against the cliffs were like the stirring voices of thunders. The sea below reflected the sun and the beaches with golden sand glimmered. The view might be pleasant to the eye and comforting to the heart, but the rocky southern slopes near the waters of the inland sea of Fhör hid fiends of savage fury, covered with shiny scales, and the sun was deadly in the barren lands around it.


A new dawn was breaking, the grey light behind the clouds. The wind was flowing and rain from above shuffling the dirt in the ground, turning it into mud. An heavy rain fell akin to the waters of Fhör, surging, breaking and grinding. Shedding from the high heavens it tore the path that Niniär and her horse left behind, blending it with the rest of the landscape. Leaping from the soil, fragrant scents, and poor Niniär unguarded did not hear nor heeded the strange shadows coming her way, coming out of the bushes like black phantoms, winding their way in her direction. Beneath the horse’s hooves the ground sunked in a muddy puddle, and the earth itself enfolded the horse and Niniär.


To be continued…



Arith Härger


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