International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

As you well know, ( or should ), at the 8th day of March 2012, is the International Women’s Day, this is the day to celebrate the importance that women have in our social, political and economical daily lifes, all around the world. It is also the day to make closer ties with the special women in our lifes. Of course in the Norse traditional paganism and celebrations, there is such a day at October, theDísablót, it is also a time to honour all the female beings, such as Goddesses, family members or ancestors, but that is a subject that i am eager to talk, but not right now, when the time comes, i will write about it. But this is just to show, how women are important, in the role they play as mothers, lovers, the female spirit and touch, that gentle behavior, that calms and gives peace to men, in times of war and cruel hardships, when the hearts of men fail.
Women are the givers of love and cary us in a long and hard period of nine months, and put us into this world, and at the first breath taken, the spirit enters the body, and it is ready to receive that mother’s love, and the milk that will make us grow stong and healty. Women are like the seasons of the world and their mood changes exaclty the same, so treat them well, respect them, just as you have to respect nature, because they can be both beautiful and cruel. A Woman carries the innocence with her, and she is like the summer, happy, naive and bright, in time she grows into become Autumn it self, mature, strong, with big changes of mood and ready to face the hard cold winter times. Winter comes to her when she is ready to carry a baby in her womb, she is fragile, but hardened by time, ready to survive, nurturing both her and a new life to come, careful mother, ready to blossom and for the rebirth, when all her life will suddenly change, and then it comes the spring, with the brigh sun, the many colours of new flowers, when the snow melts away and all turns to soft green, with a rainy mood once in a while, but after a life time of falling leafs and harsh winter storms, she is ready to face her spring life for the rest of her time.
Take a good care of the women in your life, are they your grandmother, mother, or the loved one of your life.

There is no Special day for Men, but there is no need, also there shouldn’t be the need of a Women’s day, every day should be a very special day, if we could only remember that every time we wake up, we all need each other and we all need love, that’s the true spirit. Only remembering the ones that we love just because it is an international day for that, it is not giving the true respect that people must have, it isn’t giving respect to life it self, and if we truly love someone, that special person should feel that everyday is, an international day for love in your house.

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