Dísablót – 31st Of January

First of all, this blót is connected to the Disir, but there is a more important time in the year ( at the midle of October ) when the winter nights or the Vinternatsblót comes, and by that time, it will be more likely for me to talk about the disir and their importance, meanwhile, i will talk about Dísablót.

Dísablót :

The Dísablót is the blót or the festival (sacrificial holiday) which is held in honour of the female spirits or deities calledDísir and to the Valkyries whom are female spirits as well. The main purpose of this festival is to enhance the coming harvest.
It seems this festival was held during the time of the winternights, but somehow, nowadays, this festivel is held at the spring time, and to celebrate the coming of the revival of nature!
The main purpose is also, as i have told before, to call and pray and honor all the female spirits, our female ancestors, the goddesses and other female beings. So i will leave this to be explained in the time of october, so we can keep honoring our ancestors in the month where they are most “active”.

One response to “Dísablót – 31st Of January

  1. Thank you for this Arith! It is a shame there is so little written description in the sagas and historical record for Disablot. We do know that it seems to have had a greater cultural following in Sweden (near Uppsala) and perhaps Norway. A priestess would have bathed the shrine(s) dedicated to the goddesses with blood. It makes perfect sense, though. Elsewhere in the Celtic world, at the same time, pagans were celebrating Imbolc and watching carefully over the newly lactating sheep, making certain the passage into life into this world was safe and protected by the goddesses. The northern goddesses presided over those dangerous times between birth and death, and sacrifice and honor would have been natural to our ancestors. And can still be for us today:-)

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