About Culture

The thing that distinguishes and differentiates an ethnic group, it is not the colour of their skin, but their original culture. Culture encompasses a set of features that identify the humans beings from a specific region, those features are, religion, beliefs, spirituality, gastronomy, architecture, history, geographical factors, arts and language. Everything influences the humans, even the seasons of the year.A good example of a country rich in history and culture is, Portugal, where many diferent people and many diferent cultures had passed and left their permanent mark within each individual, just like the many tribes of the Lusitans. whose architecture differs greatly from north to south, for geographical and seasonal reasons.These tribes were strongly influenced, from the north to the center and into the coastline of Portugal, by the germanic people, such as the Celts, Vandals ( Wandalns ), Saxons, Vikings, Swabians and the Visigoths, that leaft their mark among the Lusitanian people,archaeological and  religious marks, and the Romans had a great influence on Portugal as well,particularly in the creation and expansion of the cities of Lisbon and OPorto, and the Romans in turn, have adopted the Lusitan Pagan Gods.
Portugal was also influenced by the Arabian people, that forever changed the concept of agriculture in Portugal, in the regions further south, and still today, their architecture is still visible in the regions of Algarve.

Every people, every tribe, has their own culture, that is evolving and changing and shapin over the course of history, but always influenced by others, with the help of trade, war and politics, but theseinfluences are not natural, these influences occur due to forcing others to change. Many people have lost their cultures due to the implementation of values ​​and rules that were not theirs, and the biggest exemple of that in the human history is, the coming of Christianity, that forcibly opened the way to the regions of Europe, forcing everyone to adopt these religious beliefs, and this had strong effects on theloss of identity of every men and women in Europe, and this loss took place because freedom wasplucked from each individual, was forgotten and was not respected.The essence of each individual,his own soul, his character and personality, are influenced by culture and what they have acquired from other cultures and coexistence and study of the same.
A culture only exists if freedom is maintained, for each people anywhere in the world, because taking away freedom of being what we have always been, is the biggest factor in the extinction of an ethnic group and the loss of cultures and customs.

Arith Härger

2 responses to “About Culture

  1. Although you have been very polite in your writings, I despise Christianity and it’s expansion to Europe. Ancient traditions and beliefs replaced by commercially profitable religion like Christianity. What good will it do? Nothing.

  2. Yes, christianity brought us only evil, doubt, sadness, anger, and a lot more of mixed negative feelings, but we mustn’t become like those feelings themselves, it will only corrupt and deteriorate us from within, and we will become as rotten as christianity itself.

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