Mythology Around Runes: Sowelo

Mythology of Runes


In northern mythology, the sun is considered to be female, personified as a giantess named either Sol or Sunna. Two of the Asgardian deities are also associated with this rune.
The first is Baldur, “The Beautiful”, the beloved, yet tragic, god, who was slain by a mistletoe dart thrown by his blind brother, Hodur. This myth expresses the cycle of the year and the duality of light and darkness.

The thunder god Thor, must have a place in the symbolism of the rune, because it looks so much like a lightning flash. Thor, the guardian of justice and order, was known for the swift retribution that he dealt out to wrongdoers. So the meaning of this rune can be applied to the workings of the law and also to taking justified revenge.


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