Upphaf – Skapa Miðgarðr

Upphaf – Skapa Miðgarðr

The sky was shapeless
in depths of the void
Earth, wrought from emptiness
where darkness once coiled

Ginnungagap, bounded by fire and ice
in turmoil came life
nourished by Auðumbla’s sacrifice
Ymir, began his strife

Búri emerged, father of fathers
with Borr, conflict was shared
enhanced by Óðinn and brothers
Ymir’s sons, none was spared

From Ymir’s body, mountains shaped
blood poured through the sea
from flesh and bones Óðinn made
a wondrous land for thee

To the children of the earth
the gods whispered windward
to whom ásynjur gave birth
that now dwell in midgard

Arith Härger

Cσρуяιgнт © 2013™

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