Ardent Passion

Ardent Passion 

This my mind can not say
The feeling grows upon my chest
My heart longs for, each passing day
The morning breeze onto her breast

Overwhelmed by this emotion
I felt withered and weak
I gave myself in devotion
I would tell, could i speak

My very soul is dry
Yet i swim in this river
Under the starry sky
Loneliness gave me a shiver

A glimpse of her face
the smell of her hair
this love i would embrace
i was struck by her glare

In hope i dare not trust
but i desire her, in my arms
Shrouded in red flaming lust
i can’t resist to her charms

She finally came to me
i was bursting with passion
Under the shade of a tree
we couldn’t contain this attraction

Our love seems like fantasy
powerful, magical and faithful
Permanent to all eternity
blissful, natural and graceful

Arith Härger

Cσρуяιgнт © 2013™

I wrote this to my loved one for the Valentine’s Day 😀


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