Helheim By: Arith Härger

Helheim By: Arith Härger

Helheim – Acrylic on canvas 30×30

Here you can see the mountain chain as natural borders between Niflheim and Helheim of the Norse/Germanic mythology, the late-afternoon  atmospher and the shadow of the mountains falling over the misty lands below.

If you want to know more about Helheim, just ask and i will gladly tell you all that i know of it ^^


This was the painting I did to demystify everything that history after Christianization of Europe brought upon us. It is from Helheim that the word Hell came from and in ancient cultures people refered to infernal deities to those living underground and supernal deities to those living above it, and that is where the latin word Inferno (Hell) comes from, to refer to the evil place, the opposite of heaven, to Satan living underground.

The christians picked the part of Helheim where Náströnd is, it is probably the most horrifying place in all of Helheim, the place where the Hall of the same name was build, inside of it, it’s where murderers, adulterers and oathbreakers dwell and are punished, tortured and the venom of a thousand snakes fall on their skin causing a great deal of pain and there is also a pool right at the center of the hall filled with the acid of the poison, where people burn… Those this reminds you of something? Yeah.. the christians transformed this place into their Hell. But what people don’t know is that in Náströnd the purpose of it is to transform the people in it into better human beings, the people that go in there, go by their own choosing, no one force them to go there, they go knowing that they want to learn a lesson by suffering, by being on the other side of physical and emotional pain and it is through this pain that they will heal themselves and become better people. It is a trial, a test, no one is forced to go through it, but if one has in mind that he/she must suffer for the evil that one has caused, or if the person wants to change, they go there by their own feet, in a very bad comparison, is like being an alcoholic and finally decide that help is needed and will seek such help, but in this case, is way worse, it is a radical therapy.

Well I hope you liked my work, I will soon be talking about the Nine worlds and the places within each one. If you want to see my other works just go to https://www.facebook.com/ArithHarger and if you can, make a like on the page. Stay well friends, see you soon with more of my works and other subjects.


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