The coming of the Bwbach

The coming of the Bwbach By Arith Härger

The coming of the Bwbach By Arith Härger

The coming of the Bwbach – Watercolour

The Bwbach or Boobach ( Bwbachod plural ) is a kind of house elf from the mythological tales of Wales. It is a spirit that lives in domestic homes, in  exchange for a good fire, a slice of bread or a glass of milk, helps housewives to keep the house clean and tidy. If it feels offended by the home  owners, it can become a terrible creature. This creature has similar features with the Brownies and in England they are known as Hobgoblins.


I had a lot of fun doing this work, I wanted to use  watercolors in a different manner, trying to do a children’s-story-book-like-picture and I guess it turned out good. Well, all the works I will post here at WordPress, are actually the ones i like the most, so obviously I think this one turned out really good, at least for my skills. I wanted to give that cosy feeling of the inside wooden houses of old, I guess a fireplace would had a great effect here, but there was no more room.

I got the inspiration to do this work, not in the actual folklore tales of Wales nor the myths, but in my childhood, when my parents read to me in bed a great book with 365 stories, everyday they read one and it was always to do with the day, month and season. The best were in the autumn, when I was snuggled in bed listening to the story told by my mother or my father, or at times both, and outside it rained and it was very cold, very windy and the shadow of the branches of the leafless trees passed the window and dance in my room. It was a very good childhood, I have  fantastic parents, I couldn’t wish for better ones, I’m not sure if they are the best parents in the world, I don’t know how the others behave with their children, but i’m certain that my parents are among the top 10 of the best parents in the world 🙂


Hope you like this post and the drawing of course, if you want to check my other works, all you have to do is click on this picture and you go straight  to my Facebook page, or you can click on this link —>   I would appreciate your Like and support 😀


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