The Wild Ferret

Wild Ferret - Acrylic on Canvas 30x30 By: Arith Härger

Wild Ferret – Acrylic on Canvas 30×30 By: Arith Härger

Wild Ferret – Acrylic on Canvas 30×30

A Birthday gift to my girlfriend ;D

For those of you who tried to guess what it was, here it is! A ferret ^^

By the time i did this painting, i had no idea that black-footed ferrets were an endangered specie.

Take a look at this link –>


If I am not mistaken, this was done in 2012, it was a Birthday gift for my Girlfriend, she lieks ferrets very much, If you follow my works, you can see the evolution from one year to another, especially in terms of painting the sky. In this work particularly I haven’t put much effort in the sky, some quick brush strokes, not well blended, just to give the glimpse of the idea, which is quite horrible. My main focus was indeed on the animal and this was the first time I did a mammal, and I think so far.. the only,  so I wanted to give it a little bit more of detail in the fur and the expression of the eyes etc. the background isn’t also that good but well, the main thing here is indeed the animal.


So I hope you like it and if you want to follow my works, just visit me at or click the image to go straight there.

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