Shamanic Astrology

Because i’ve made your Signs with the Celtic ones in Trees, i will now do it with the animals, but now a more European Shamanic view. We must respect all living things, for we are all part of a great web that connects us all, and all living things have a soul and feelings, we should and have to love them as if they were a part of our own souls.

Bullet; Green October 23 – November 21
Birth and animal totem: Snake
Moon: Cold Winds Moon
Season Aspect: The Frosting Time
Elemental Clan: Frog Clan
Plant totem: Mums
Polarity with: Beaver
Personality: Impulsive, ambitious
Emotions: Hidden, Keeping things inside
Spiritual Path: Expressing inner intuition
Strengths: Creativity, ability to change and sensitive to others

Bullet; Green November 22 – December 21

Birth and animal totem:

Moon: Snowy Moon
Season Aspect: Starry Night Moon
Elemental Clan: Hawk Clan
Plant totem: Poinsettia
Polarity with: Deer
Personality: Laugh-hearty, loving and independent
Emotions: Caring
Spiritual Path: Spiritual Evolution
Strengths:Optimistic, Happy and focusedCompatibilities:  Falcons and Salmon

Bullet; Green December 22 – January 19

Birth and animal totem: Snow Goose

Moon: New Moon
Season Aspect: The renewal Time
Elemental Clan: Turtle Clan
Plant totem: Bramble
Polarity with: Woodpecker
Personality: Reliable, high standards of self
Emotions: Self concerned
Spiritual Path: To learn patience and the flow of life
Strengths: Sociable, well spokenCompatibilities:  Beavers, Bears and Crows

Bullet; Green January 20 – February 18

Birth and animal totem: Otter

Moon: Cleasing moon
Season Aspect: TThe cleasing time
Elemental Clan: Butterfly Clan
Plant totem: Fern
Polarity with: Salmon
Personality: Sociable, talkative and independent 
Emotions: Creative, unconventional 
Spiritual Path: Applying spiritual knowledge to daily life 
Strengths: Tolerance, courage 
Compatibilities:  Crows, Falcons and Deer

Bullet; Green February 19 – March 20

Birth and animal totem: Wolf

Moon: Worm awakening moon
Season Aspect: in-between time
Elemental Clan: Frog ( water ) clan
Plant totem: Plantain
Polarity with: Brown Bear
Personality: Compassionate, Benevolent, Generous, Artistic and gentle
Emotions: Deep
Spiritual Path: Love
Strengths: Intuition, creativity and understandingCompatibilities:  Woodpeckers, Brown Bears and Snakes.

Bullet; Green March 21 – April 19

Birth and animal totem: Red Hawk

Moon: Budding trees moon
Season Aspect: The awakening time
Elemental Clan: Hawk Clan
Plant totem: Dandelion
Polarity with: Falcon
Personality: Active
Emotions: Quickly aroused
Spiritual Path: Expanding the individual through discernment
Strengths: Persistence and patience with othersCompatibilities:  Salmon and Owls

Bullet; Green April 20 – May 20

Birth and animal totem: Beaver

Moon: Frogs return moon
Season Aspect: The growing time
Elemental Clan: Turtle Clan
Plant totem: Wild clover
Polarity with: Snake
Personality: Resourceful and methodical
Emotions: High strung
Spiritual Path: To discover that which has lasting value
Strengths: Accepting change, compassion, inner security and confidenceCompatibilities: Woodpeckers, Brown Bears and Geese

Bullet; Green May 21 – June 20

Birth and animal totem: Deer

Moon: Corn planting moon
Season Aspect: the flowering time
Elemental Clan: Butterfly Clan
Plant totem: Lily of the valley
Polarity with: Owl
Personality: Talkative, congenial, moody
Emotions: Sensitive
Spiritual Path: Sharing what one has learned or experienced for growth
Strengths: Persistence and ConcentrationCompatibilities:  Crows and otters

Bullet; Green June 21 – July 21

Birth and animal totem: Woodpecker

Moon: Strong sun moon
Season Aspect: Long days time
Elemental Clan: Frog clan
Plant totem: Wild rose
Polarity with: Goose
Personality: Emotional, Vulnerable but protective
Emotions: Protective, wanting to protect
Spiritual Path: Fitting in with the greater good
Strengths: Resourcefulness, self acceptance and ForgivenessCompatibilities:  Snakes, Wolves, Beavers

Bullet; Green July 22 – August 21

Birth and animal totem: Salmon

Moon: Ripe berries moon
Season Aspect: the ripening time
Elemental Clan: Fish Clan
Plant totem: Raspberry
Polarity with: Otter
Personality: Confident and Energetic
Emotions: Passionate and intense
Spiritual Path: To find the underlying purpose of life
Strengths: olerance, humbleness and letting goCompatibilities:  Owl and Falcon 

Bullet; Green August 22 – September 21

Birth and animal totem: Bear ( Brown Bear )

Moon: Harvest Moon
Season Aspect: Harvesting time
Elemental Clan: Turtle Clan
Plant totem: Violets
Polarity with: Wolf
Personality: Practical and Industrious
Emotions: Warm and thought out
Spiritual Path: Understanding it all
Strengths: Optimism, tolerance and self acceptanceCompatibilities:  Geese and Beavers

Bullet; Green Septemver 22 – October 22

Birth and animal totem: Raven or Crow

Moon: Ducks Flying Moon
Season Aspect: Falling leaves time
Elemental Clan: Butterfly Clan
Plant totem: Ivy
Polarity with: Falcon
Personality: Tolerant and friendly
Emotions: sensitive
Spiritual Path: peace and balance
Strengths: caution, making decisions and letting go
Compatibilities: Otter and Deer

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