Looking through the mirror

Looking through the mirror By Arith Härger

Looking through the mirror By Arith Härger

Looking through the mirror – Watercolor

Look at this painting i’ve made, can you listen to the sound of the wind in the trees? The leafs applauding the songs of the birds, and all is calm all of a sudden… far in the horrizon you can hear the thunder and the rain is approaching, delicate but cold… you return home, to your cozy shelter, reading a book at the window, and the birds still sing, honoring the coming of the rain.

When you can savor times like these… you have achieved peace.

This was the third watercolor work I have done, It was on 2012 if I am not mistaken. I never tried watercolor before and my girlfriend insisted that i should buy some since we were at a store for Arts and filled with materials I didn’t knew about or never tried before. So I did bought them at the time and I am glad she insisted, before this work, I did other two that didn’t turned out that bad actually, at least for a person who was workig with watercolor for the first time. This one is one of my favorite works I have ever done in the year of 2012, I did not have any skills with watercolor but even so, I think this work isn’t that bad, I wanted to create a peaceful scenery with an old man, capturing this image and “transport it “into the natural scenery around him, Autumn, when nature starts to go into decay, near death, near winter, after the beautiful months of its youth in spring and adulthood in Summer, but before the symbolic death of nature, I wanted to stop at Autumn, where all of us should stop there in life and be permanent in that moment, because to me, Autumn is what’s between Joy and Sadness, a perfect balance, because we aren’t happy for too long but we don’t stay in grief and sadness forever either, we are always in between these two stages of emotion.

Autumn for me is also peace, it reminds me of those peaceful and happy days at home, cozy, watching a movie, reading a book, doing something with the loved ones, stay inside while its pouring rain outside and cold, and we wrap ourselves under a warm blanket, drinking hot chocolat or tea and enjoy the moment. Those simple natural moments are thebit of paradise we taste once in a while.

Well I hope you like this post and the work, if you want to see more, just to go my facebook page by clicking the facebook icon at my blog, or clicking this very image I have posted or go to this link https://www.facebook.com/ArithHarger

Stay well friends and happy Autumn!


4 responses to “Looking through the mirror

  1. Wonderful… the old man still looks string and vigorous, even though he is sitting… is he an allegory for autumn? The idea of the year being past its prime but still with much to offer?

  2. Adoro! 😀 Sabes que fiquei imensamente feliz por teres começado a explorar a aguarela, um artista deve sempre procurar novos materiais e técnicas para não cair na rotina! Deves sempre procurar novas maneiras de estimular a tua creatividade 🙂

    • Se não fosses tu, mais de metade dos meus trabalhos não existeriam porque simplesmente não ia querer experimentar nada novo. Desde que te conheci, tive uma evolução repentina na arte, comecei a usar cores, a usar novos materiais, progredi imenso. Pi linda amo-te!

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