Celtic Birth Signs

Because i know many like to know their signs in zodiac, not just the common ones but others from other religions and points of view, people tend to follow that or just because they have curiosity or because it is fun. So i will give you here your celtic signs in trees, because as you well know or should know, nature is important, we must honor it and respect its powers, and most of the religions before the coming of christianity, expecialy in europe, there is always a representation of nature in our lifes, how we came from it, and how it empowers us. The works of the divine beings ofthen express themselves in nature.

Celtic Birth sign for  24 Dec – 20 Jan.
Pure Vitality
New Starts & Beginings
Tree: Birch

Celtic Birth sign for  21 Jan – 17 Feb.
Protective flame
Insight, Psychic powers
Healing success
Creative Inspiration
Tree : Rowan

Celtic Birth sign for18 Feb – 17 March.
Bridge between worlds i.e. inner & outer worlds linked.
Guardian of Peace
Tree : Ash

Celtic Birth sign for 18 March  – 14 April.
Steadfast to true principles
Tenacious & determined
Has Spiritual Protection during disputes.
Tree : Alder

Celtic Birth sign for15 April -12 May.
Tree : Willow

Celtic Birth sign for 13 May – 9 June.
Represents: Cleansing
Tree : Hawthorn

eltic Birth sign for 10 June – 7 July.
Courage, strength & endurance
Inner spiritual strength
Door to mysteries
Tree : Oak

eltic Birth sign for 8 July – 4 August.
Balance & justice
Clear vision & Courage
Dream Magic Protection
Also Unconditional Love
Tree : Holly Tree

Celtic Birth sign for 5 Aug – 1 Sept.
Creative wisdom
Pure & concentrated essence
Tree : Hazel

Celtic Birth sign for 2 Sept – 29 Sept
Inspired knowledge
Inner key in problems
Tree : Vine

Celtic Birth sign for 30 Sept – 27 Oct
Transformational development
Focus on true goals
Tree : Ivy

Celtic Birth sign for 28 Oct-24 Nov
Growth & good health
Harmony between realms
Purpose & unity in will
Adapt, Modify
Tree : Reed – Hidden roots to all life

Celtic Birth sign for  25 Nov – 22 Dec
Eternal revolutionary change
Balanced and mature outlook
Tree : Elder


6 responses to “Celtic Birth Signs

  1. That’s really interesting. I’d never thought about the Celtic signs before as I’m not really interested enough in the future to be reading my zodiac (I like the surprise!) But really interesting that my birth tree has always been my favourite tree and the representation certainly fits too! Any idea how it was worked out?

    • To tell you the truth, I have written this post so long ago, I just wanted to share it in here at WordPress too, but i remember in that time i’ve study this, however i’m more linked to the Norse Traditional Paganism, but i found this useful and i know there are many people out there interested in their zodiac in many different cultures. To the Celts trees were very important, but that knowledge came from a time before they were celts, when they were just tribal communities, from a time before the visualisation of the divine in human form. The tribes were very much connected to totems and shamanism and the divine was seen in the animals, plants and trees around their world, so this knowledge is very ancient, that is why the signs are animals or trees, each deity we might know of, each special skill that might seem similar to our mortal behaviours, were once seen in animals and trees.

  2. Very true. What a shame so much ancient knowledge and wisdom has been lost, and how ironic that it became most obliterated with the arrival of the written word… Thanks for sharing, blessings, Bia

  3. Não sei porque mas acho sempre imensa piada a saber nos diferentes horóscopos e coisas assim quais são os meus simbolos ou signos e os seus significados x) mas a descrição deste não sei ate que ponto se identifica comigo :c
    *psst* tens ali uns que te esqueceste do C e tá so eltic xD

    • lol agora que se lixe, ninguem dá por isso 😛 claro que dão mas.. borrifei-me xD. É sempre engraçado saber estas cenas, tem a sua piada, se bem que tu saber que não ligo mto a signos e horoscopos, foi mais pela piada e porque sei que ha malta que gosta e acha interessante.

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