I have talked about Dísablót as a celebration that is held at the 31st of January to the 1st of February, but in truth, this celebration was made around the Autumn times of midle of October, and it seems more fitting in these times, since it is all about honoring not only the female spirits such as the Valkyries and Goddesses but also the female ancestors of each family.

The Dís or Dísir in plural, are the female ghosts or spirits in the Norse Myths and in the ancient northern paganism, they protect the mortals, helping in whatever is needed. By these times, people worship female goddesses for the fertility of the fields, to have order and peace at home, and to receive that motherly touch of motivation, care and love that is unic in the female spirit. The Dísir are not just the goddesses of the Northern Pantheon, but also the Vættir, the wights or nature spirits that may help with the fertilization of the land, for good crops, healthy cattle and a proper soil for future plantations. In the Dísir, are also included the Goddesses of Fate, the Norns and also the female ancestors of each family, because in the northern pagan traditions, it is believed, when people die, they may choose not to go to the other world just yet, but to stay a bit more to help their decendents in their daily works, they stay to ensure that their families are safe and sound, in happiness, joy, health and wealth, they might help in the plantations and in the harvest, or taking care of the house, keep the peace and order and also unite each member, to keep the family bonds strong.
We are used to the idea that the northern peoples of Scandinavia used to burn their dead in the long boats, along with their earthly goods, but there were other ways to bid farewell, one of those ways, as we are speaking of such a celebration, was to put their dead in some sort of burial mounds made with stones that were placed to form the “deck” of a boat, and these sacred places where built near the farmstead, and so every family member would place their beloved ancestors there, so they could visit them often and give them gifts, and in turn the ancestors would keep an eye on the family.
In this day, honor your female ancestors, remember them and their deeds, how they fought to keep the peace, love and order in the family, never forget their importance, because you one day, shall joined them and become an ancestor of someone, and you too will want to be remembered as a great figure and an icon of love, honor, strength and wisdom, acording to your deeds of course. Also honor the female members of your family, that are still alive, keep them proud, give them love, attention and respect, so in turn you might also receive their love and respect. Try to take the thoughts of this day, to your everyday life, and make all days, great days full of joy and love.

I dedicate this day to my female ancestors and most important of all, to my mother and my loved one Ana.

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