Values of Rökkatrú

In the Norse/Germanic pagan beliefs and in other pagan or spiritual beliefs not based on abrahamic beliefs, there isn’t such thing as Good deities and Evil deities, especially in the Norse cosmology, there is just the chaotic forces and the forcer of balance, which is the most simple way to describe nature itself. Like I have said in the previous post about what Rökkatru is, I will write now its values and how important it is to understand the other side of nature, the chaotic side, the side that deals with the things that aren’t appealing to us humans and we tend to run away from, but it is important for us to understand that nature isn’t just beautiful, it is dangerous, destructive, there is death and rebirth, there is loss and sadness, but all of that is part of what we are, of what nature is, and the better we understand that, the better we can live in harmony. When people speak of the underworld deities and spirits, we tend to connect that to Evil, but in truth, those deities and spirits are just as helpfull and honorable as any other, and they have more to teach us than we imagine, we tend to get away from that, but it is just getting away from the other half of nature, the missing piece in us.


Death isn’t to be taken lightly, but we fear it so much that we often try to see into the future, or when we have any kind of difficulty, we try to think what the future will be like in some years from now? or even after we are dead? We can’t live with the things we aren’t certain about, we can’t think of what might happen after so many years, one step at a time, live each day without the thought on the far future, because what might happen in the future isn’t the result of what you make right now, it is the result of many steps you take, many paths, many choices, that will come one day at a time, building slowly your future. However, before you act, react or speak, think ahead of that, what it may cause to you and others, and don’t take things too personally, because when we react when someone or something, or an event damages us, we often do worse to ourselves, let that tide pass, calm down and act accordingly with the situation. This is how the goddess Hel/Hela might teach us, all that we do might have a negative or a beneficial impact in out lifes and the lifes of those around us, and step by step we make our own paths, and it is the choices we make that will build our future.


Telling the truth is important, even when people are avoiding it out of fear, be it good or bed, always tell it, but truth doesn’t always comes from speaking, one must be true to himself, to his convictions and to his beliefs, one must know himself well enough to act accordingly with the truth that lies before him. The truth of things might hurt, or might take you into troubles, but if you follow the path of truth, and never lie to yourself, trust will be placed on you by others and you will act without fear. Loki is such a god, one that many see as an evil one, but in reality, he is a god that acts as he thinks is right, to is own good or the good of others, or some times to the misfortune of others, but never afraid to fail, never afaird to be judged, always true to himself.


Rökkatrú isn’t just about the gods or the spirits of the land or each element, but also about other beings who have their role to play, it is about diversity, such as Angrboda the ruler of Ironwood, the place where so many of the giant race comes, in many sizes and forms, even with deformities, we must learn to respect each other, not just by out looks, but because of so many different aspects we have from each other, be that gender, colour of the skin, cultural background, history, the lifestyle, sexual preferences. Unfortunately we pick on the tiniest aspects that show something different in others from ourselves, just to criticized, tell it is wrong, to judge, that we waste a great amount of time damaging others and we don’t gain anything from that.


Being true to your love, such as Sigyn is, you also might learn that being faithful to those you love, friends, family, lovers, is also being true to yourself, no matter of what others say about those you love, if they love you back in the same way, that is more important than being accepted by anyother group, if they don’t understand you, if they don’t understand that you are being true to love, they do not deserve you, because with true love and being true to those who love you back, you gain true friendship for the rest of your life and beyond, and you can always count on them as they expect to count on you. Don’t fail them.


Sometimes war is necessary, some times there is the need to fight back, but try to seek more ways to make peace, as such, you will also bring joy.


The underworld gods are connected with death but also with rebirth, the recycling of nature, and you to must recycle, respect nature, such as Nidhogg that gnaws upon the roots of Yggdrasil, it helps recycling the dead bark, helping the tree to rejuvenate. Don’t waste your life, always try to do new things, thigns that bring you joy, but also that have a meaning, a purpose, a purpose greater than yourself, something that also might help others.


When time comes for acceptance, it is also time for hospitality, such as the weak beings are welcomes and protected by the Jotnar, or by Hela, Aegir or even Surt into their realms, beings not of their own kind, but still they welcome them for protection, a kind and simple act, you too must do it, and hospitality isn’t just the door you open for those in need, those who ask it of you, but it is also opening your heart. The first time you meet someone, be generous, gracious, give them your hand, until the time comes to reveal their trueself, and then you shall decide if they are worthy or worthless of your kindness.

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