Bragi – The Skald of Skalds

Bragi the God of Poetry.eloquence and music in the Norse Mythology, he is also the bringer of peace and a diplomate on his own account, every one in all the nine realms loves him, and when he leaves every place he has been, people stay with thoughts of peace, Community aid and other relations of mutual help.

Bragi is the son of the god Odin, his eldest child next to Thor. The story of how Bragi was born is a very interesting one.
In ancient times when Odin still wandered much all over the Nine worlds, there was a powerful artefect called the Mead of Poetry which was kept by the giant Suttung and guarded by his daughter Gunnlod. Odin knew about this sacred mead and he was determined to take it for his own, so he took up the form of a snake and went into the cave where the mead was hidden. When he saw Gunnlod, he returned to his form and offered himself as her lover. During the time Odin spent with Gunnlod, he drank most of the magical mead and gave a child to Gunnlod. Odin returned to Asgard, where he placed all the mead he had consumed by vomiting it into barrels. When time came, Gunnlod sent their son to Asgard to live with his father. Bragi was  brilliant and eloquent, with a beautiful singing voice, great musical  talent, and a his presence was the joy of all, and thus he was made the skald of Asgard, but seldom does Bragi stay there. It is said that Bragi is one of the few deities to be welcomed in every place by every one and every race. Such as Ullr, he is a diplomat, but rather than being a warrior, he is a bringer of peace. Bragi is married with Idunn, the goddess who takes care of the orchards of Asgard, whose golden apples keep the gods young.
Story tells us that the mead of poetry was created with the blood of the Vanir god Kvasir, sacrificed for the matter, and that he was just like Bragi, a peacemaker loved by all, some say that Bragi is Kvasir reborn, that his soul went to the mead and was passed into Gunnlod’s womb when Odin drank it, but in my opinion, it isn’t so, for Kvasir lives in Helheim now and continues to be the same Vanir god that every one loved and he welcomes people at his new Halls, where everyone can enjoy his company and hear his wonderful stories. However, it is possible that his very essence was passed to the mead and Bragi got his powers.

Bragi is the closest god that as ever helped my family as far as I know, of course other deities helped, but Bragi is dear to me and has helped my grandfather and has also helped me, such as Freyr did, but Bragi is more of a friend to my family from my mother side.

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