“The Thorn is Most Sharp, an evil thing to take a grip on, extremely grim for any man who rests among them”                                                                                                                                  

“The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem”

The rune name is Thurisaz it is the combination of the letters Th in the common alphabet, to the Anglo-Saxons, this rune was Thorn, while to the Vikings it was known as Thurs. The Thurisaz rune represents a sharp thorn. By extension of the idea, it also suggests a blade, knife or a fang. Therefore the rune is also associated with the deadly bites of serpents. The sound of the letter, too, resembles the hiss of a snake, as well as the sound that a sword makes when it is drawn from a scabbard. It is the rune for tendency to changes and will of the destiny. Upright Meaning:
The rune Thurisaz suggests boundaries, which in old Norse times were often marked out by thickets of hawthorn. So by extension it is important to know your own limits when this rune appears. Hasty decisions made now will be regretted later, so it is definitely not a time to forge ahead regardless. Because of the rune’s association with sharp objects, fangs and snakes, Thurisaz may indicate a time of personal risk. There may be people around you who are being less then honest of who do not have your best interests at heart. In business matters especially, extreme care must be taken, for there is a danger of being let down to betrayed. However, this can only occur if you are not sufficiently vigilant, so be warned. The rune may show that you will soon have to defend yourself and your actions in some way. However, it may also indicate that luck will arrive in the guise of a challenge. Tradition states that if used as a charm, this rune will blunt the words and weapons of your enemies.
Inverted Meaning:

If you are in any doubt about your actions, do nothing at all. If you act hastily now, you will have plenty of time in the future to repent your folly. An inverted Thurisaz emphasises that warnings of its upright meaning and indicates that you are in danger of walking straight into a trap. It also shows that you are likely to play into the hands of your enemies and that your own rash actions will prove to be your undoing. Take a step back and review your situation. Pause, reflect and then proceed very cautiously indeed.

Body Part: Nervous system, all over the body.

Associated Maladies: Nervous tension, irritability, oversensitization, degenerative nervous disorders
Action: Irritated
Solution: Removal of a foreign object



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