Mythology around Runes: Uruz

Mythology: Uruz

It is likely that Uruz originally represented the second half of a primordial pair, the first being the cow, Audhumla, symbolised by the first rune, fehu. Uruz is undoubtedly masculine in character, and, indeed, there may have once been a mythological equivalent of the primitive mother goddess that was represented as a mighty bull god. If this was the case, then conformation of the theory has been lost over time. However, it is true that the most macho of the viking gods was associated with this rune. Thor, the thunder god, the strong champion of the deities of Asgard and sworn enemy of the chaotic giants, was the divinity to whom the peoples of the north ascribed the rune Uruz.The subsidiary meanings of both hail and ore add credence to this attribution, since Thor is the god of the storm and wielder of the deadly hammer that was made for him by subterranean dwarves.

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