Mythology around Runes: Fehu

As i write about a Rune, i will also write about its mythology and as i wrote about Fehu, i will begin with that.
Mythology: Fehu According to the sagas of iceland, which, although composed during the middle ages, recorded the beliefs of the ancient Norse, the first living creature was a cow called Audhumla. This cosmic animal was born from the union of fire and ice that predated the creation of the nine worlds. Coming into existence in an environment barren of nourishment, Audhumla licked a great block of ice, thus freeing the giant Ymir, who either lay within it or was shaped by the actions of the great cow’s tongue. Ymir became the ancestor of the gods, humans and the later race of giants, all of whom existed because of Audhumla and who continued to be nurtured by her, as are calves by their mothers. The belief in Audhumla as the precursor of all that lives harks back to a remote time when the mother goddess was usualy personified as a totem animal. In Greece, for example, Athena was imagined as an owl, while Aphrodite was envisaged a dove. In the Nordic culture, the mother goddess is the gentle, milk-producting cow. The rune Fehu is also directly related to some of Audhumla’s Vanir descendants, especially Njord the God of Seas and Oceans and his children, the peace-loving Frey and the amorous Freya, each of whom have an association with wealth and fertility.


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