The Innocent mind of a child

Children have a way to see things, to see life, in a whole different perspective…
When people are young, till a certain age, they see things others can not, we all do, and we stop seeing those things when our inocence is broken or when fear dwells in our hearts and mind, so it doesnt depend on the age we have, in how many years that pass, i can not explain exactly why we see such things, but be sure that has everything to do with our inocence and the absence of fear. Every child sees ghosts, spirits and other beings, and have a realy good connection with the unknown and supernatural, often they can see spirits of the forests, of the earth, rivers, feel and see what we think it isn’t there to be seen, we shouldn’t encourage children to forget what they see, but try to understand them and talk to them, with an open mind and heart, trying to speak about it and embrace it.
For exemple ( my own exemple ) when i was a little baby i saw things and i remember very few of them in a misty dream in the corners of my memories, but too young those things were taken away from me, it took time for my innocence to be broken but too early i felt the poison of fear in my heart, i begain to understand death very young, and the fear of the loss and the unknown, and that fear made me ill, sadness and sorrow took over me, and too soon i forgot the things i could see in my innocence, when i knew not about the dreadful  and inevitable death, i could not understand why it had to be like that and i didn’t knew what was to come after it. As i always say “fear does not give any profit” and it is true, fear takes the freedom and happiness of our hearts, and here i let a plea, do not fill the mind of your children with useless things, like a religion, do not impose any religion to them, or politics, not even any footbal club, this may look very naive in your minds, but it will change dramatically your child, let them grow in joy, in a cheerful life, in amazement, in time they will grown and understand, and make up their own mind, have their own thoughts, and so they will chose what path to follow, teach them that, to follow their own hearts, of course you have to educate your children in other things, and show to them the importance of life, the importance of nature, and teach them to respect both as they respect their parents, educate the children, so may on day you dont have to imprison the adult, a wise man once said.
Religion, football, politics, those are subjects you dont have to show to your sons and daughters, especially death, avoid showing them that, put your children away from it as well as you can, that they will know one day, but let time show to them, meanwhile, hide death from them, they need not to feel sorrow and fear so soon, remember, those are moorings to your children, they born free and let them be so.
In time, in an other post, i will talk about things we see, the diference between dreams, reality and visions, and my own experiences.

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