The elemental Air

Air is seen as an unirversal power, a pure substance, it is fundamental for life.
People often belive in what they can see or touch, but just like the air element, it is there, you can feel it, and you know it exists, you breathe it, my point is, things are there, just because you dont see them, it doesnt mean they dont exist.
But now back to the subject, air is everywhere, all living things breathe it, especially plants and trees, that filter the air and give us oxygen, it flows in our lungs, making the blood pulse to the heart, and it beats, it goes to our brain, making it work, so we can feel, move, think, live, even the fishes breath oxygen, not like the marine mammals such as whales but, the fishes have evolved in such a way as to not require  frequent trips to the surface to breathe air.  Fish have developed  gills, on which they rely for the oxygen necessary for a fish’s limited  metabolism.                                                                                                             Many animals have gills at some stage of their life (even humans have  them at an early stage of their development in the womb), but fish  retained these gills and they are still a functional part of their  anatomy. Fish use their gills to extract oxygen from their watery  environment. So air is a source of life, and just like the other elements i’ve written about, all combined, make the perfect natural harmony.
Have you ever Seen the wind in the grass?, it seems as invisible serpents are walking in there, feels like magic.
The air element as a therapy has unlimited ways, you can go outside and feel the cold winter wind in your face, open your arms and breath it, or even in a forest, like most of us do nowadays, breathing deep that natural air without pollution, you will feel much better, feel the soft breeze at spring time, it isnt cold nor hot, watch how the leaves in the trees dance with the wind, the sound it makes, air also brings the snow and the rain, the strong wind in the mountains comes down and entangles in your hair, and goes round all around you, embrace it, welcome it, it is speaking to you, the air is also compared with the spirit or spirits, if you listen close enough, you can hear it speaking to you, find for your self diferent ways to work with the elemental air, and to achieve relaxation with it.
Always remember to respect the elements, respect nature and its wonderful works, by respecting it, you will also respect yourself and life.

2 responses to “The elemental Air

  1. I love the authenticity and gentle informing nature of your blog, very big thank you for sharing your wisdom, sincere regards, Barry

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