Shamanism of Today

Shamanism is not a religion, nor a choice you make of your own mind, Shamanism is a spiritual way, an achieve, an “event”, being in touch with nature, the spirits, the Gods and the world it self, a jorney to help your self and all the others around you. It is not something you wish to be in a time, and then forget, like so many have a religion and then they change religions like they change a shirt. Shamanism has been with all of us, sinse the dawn of time, sinse the first humans appeared, and it is a spiritual path way that has survive till today, it wasn’t curropted but each people in each place of the world and in their own ways, have a conection with shamanism, it has runed throughout our DNA always, from father to son and so on, deep in the corners of our very brain. Nowadays we do not use entirely our brain, sinse the times of industrialization, our brains are lazy, and the more we live under the shadows of tecnologies, sellphones, cars, and factories, all contributing for the mass polution of the world and for ourselves, and this we pass to our decendents. Also with the dak ages and the coming of chistianity, we closed our mind in subjects that dont let our minds flow in freedom.
For a Shaman, there are many ways to enter in trance, to work out of the body, with is very spirit, many may be familiar with the ways of the natives of America, or the Maya, and the Siberian and mongol in their Yurts, but all around the world, people had shamans and practice shamanism.
Today i see an “hunger” for spirituality, people searching eveything, wanting to belive in something, it is not hard to find, but it is not easy to chose correctly, we are free to belive in whatever we want, but if we do not study and learn deep what we want to belive in or follow, that will be just an useless occupation, to go into the right path, first you have to study, learn and accept your own roots, where you come from, by accepting that, is half way made.
In terms of Shamanism, those who are not shamans, may learn what it is about, the true essence, by asking to the right people and learn the right books, which that you have to figure it out by your own account.
Today is hard to know a true shaman, or perhaps too easy to distinguish if i tell you how, because today, there are many books of it, books from people who are not shamans but have study hard, books from shamans, and books about shamanism in general, and of course books about the subject written by people who dont understand nothing about it, and turn it in a more magical of fantastical way, everything is sold, and anywhere in the internet you may find lots of texts about this subject, not all of them are true, the real shaman doesn’t work in group or i might say, in a group of people who are not shamans and they just want to watch, the real shaman did not chose to become one, often they are in a lonely path, no one knows in what they are working with, unless it is tould to the person who askes for help and help is given, also a true shaman, never says he is a shaman, he/she does not brag about it, they do not expose them selves, but they are eager to teach what they know and to guide those in need.

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