Water Element

The water Element, it runs through the very veins of the earth, deep into the oceans and rivers, it is a self sustaining resource in that it can create itself through a cycle. It is created by oxygen which is the most common element of the earth’s crust and hydrogen is  the most common element of the universe, so it is almost inevitable that  the two molecules would find each other and form bonds, and now that water is creaded, in the lakes and oceans is evaporated by the heat of the sun and forms a  vapour that joins together to form clouds. When the temperature is warm  enough, the vapour condenses into drops which is what rain is made out  of. The rain falls onto the earth, into the land as well as back into oceans,  lakes and rivers. From the water bodies it evaporates and the cycle  starts all over again.
This element, is an emotional element, it provokes emotions on the human mind, that in turn is reflected on the body. We always think about water, as a wet and cold element, but it can prove very useful in terms of relaxation. Many dont like the rain or the sound of it, it gives them a dreadful chill in their soul, and depression. For those who love the rain and the sounds it makes falling on the earth, trees and their leaves, know better how it calms, especially if you are indoors. Others may find alternative ways of relaxation with water, try taking a shower or a long bath with hot water, and when your body is warm enough, wash your entire body with cold water, the shock is a realy good and natural therapy for your heart and it helps the blood run in your veins, or you can do the same but washing progressively with water less hot then the first one, and so on till it reaches the cold, you will feel nothing because your body is too warmed up, when it starts to cool down, the sensation is outstanding. Also if you know and like to swim, you can dive deep in a pool, “sliding” in the bottom and come back up, exercise your body and your lungs, it helps you in breathing problems and, exercising your body, it will help you in locomotion problems and ofcourse in spine problems, Swiming is the greatest sport you can make, it is good for your health in every way, and you feel the freedom of your movements, outside the water you will feel lighter.

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