Facing Giants

 As I have written at the beginning of this blog, I have also said that I would share here some of my artistic works, so i thought that I should start with this one, it was the last painting of 2012 but it was only published in the beginning of 2013. Facing Giants – Acrylic on Canvas 40×30 – 2012. It is true that you might not see it well in here but that is on purpose, so you might come and visit me at my facebook page and like it, if you have a facebook account of course. I hope you enjoy it and the more works that are to come. I am also sorry for the watermark but as you may realise, I have to protect my works, you know how the internet functions, people search for an image, they like it, they take it and they publish it somewhere else, without giving due credit to the artista, this goes with everything, Paintings, Drawings, all forms of Writing, Photography and every kind of artistic works you can imagine.

So if you like, you can always go to my facebook page at the right side of my blog, or click on this link https://www.facebook.com/ArithHarger

Hope you enjoy my works! Stay well and see you on the next post!

Note: This is actually the first time I am publishing an artistic works of my own at a blog.


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